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Three dishes should be removed from infants’ diet


  1. Beestings:

Besides letting their babies drink breast milk, formula, many mothers still want their children to drink more milk in order to help them gain weight and grow faster. However, it is advised not to give beestings for less than 1-year-old baby. Abundant protein in cow milk will increase the risk of allergies in children. Besides, it will lead to some bloating, indigestions plus many other digestive problems.

  1. Fish with high mercury

The large fish like swordfish, tuna, mackerel large, etc contain high levels of methylmercury, which can adversely affect the developing nervous system of young brains. Therefore, mothers should not process those fishes in the diet of children.

  1. Honey

Honey has always been considered as a kind of heirloom pharmaceutical, which could cure many diseases. However, honey contains some spores that can cause food poisoning, while infants ‘functionality of digestive system is not fully worked-out to be able to deal with this toxic spores.