Herbal Medicine: What To Know Before You Take

Use a combination of east – west pharmacist is not onlybased on demand-driven but also healing principles of medicine and their characteristics. Some of the following characteristics you must note down in order to avoid adverse reactions or drug resistance affect health.

Avoid mixing antibiotics and herbal supplement.

Drugs like tetracyclineshould not be interchangeable with herbs containing metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, aluminum … as members bezoar detoxification, Monks Park, alum, from gypsum, talc, sample Charter, scallops…

In Western medicine, tetracycline is used to treat many different bacterial infections, easily combined with inorganic substances such as calcium, magnesium, iron … that form into the hard compound absorbed which reduce the efficiency of the treatment process. 

Do Not Add Sugar To Medicine

Water color medicine after bitter acrid make people feel difficult to drink, however, should not arbitrarily give way in for easy drinking. Because the ingredients in herbal medicine are relatively complex, the road has many elements iron, calcium and impurities. When proteins and tannins as well as a number of other ingredients in herbs associated with them will cause a chemical reaction, making the drug useful component precipitated, denatured.

This not only affects the efficacy of drugs but also harmful to health. Moreover some medicines to be used to stimulate the bitter taste of digestive glands secretion to promote therapeutic effects. If there are too much sugar, it will become ineffective and not achieving treatment. Sugar can hinder the absorption of trace elements and vitamins, which affect the effectiveness of some drugs cooling, make resolutions useful components of some drugs.

Taking The Herbal Medication Needs To Know

– When using supplements like ginseng, deer antler, ginseng party, pharmaceutical coatings, royal period superb location… you must not eat beets, limit drinking tea.

– Avoid drinking tea when taking majesty.

– Using marjoram, abstaining crab, fish.

– Using honey, avoiding onions

When Taking Herbal Medicine, Drinking Hot, Warm Or Cold?

Often the best medicine when finished, liquid medicines into bowl, wait a while for the drug to moderate cold, not hot not cold before drinking so called warm drink. How to drink or used as a case than physiological. But for patients who suffer from solder as solder style appearance, diarrhea abdominal pain due to cold … want to improve the effect of the drug must be approved welding hot drink.

However, for those patients suffering from fever heat like stars, dry lips thirsty throat, mouth sores, apple defecating, urinating red lotus … then wait for it to cool before drinking real medicine aims to strengthen the efficiency bar of medicinal heat. The necessary to drink warm herbs usually have relatively mild medicinal take additional uses that make significant investments, as sharp or small fire (culture).

The medicine needs to drink often have medicinal hot thermal insulation, while sharp right to fire (fire dancers), color fast. These herbs have medicinal drink cold usually welded salary, excellent time when lasting more than a little.

When Is The Best Time To Taking Herbs?

The drug is effective or not used properly in addition to diseases and proper color also depends on the time taken was reasonable or not. For best absorption and highest effective, additional drugs should be taken on from early in the morning before breakfast; uses drugs Pi conditions, lower left (eraser drop), the identical (except worms) should be taken on an empty stomach, before eating.

The real drug targets and react irritate the stomach, intestines to drink after a meal; promoted drugs problem (put up) and add air salary review should take into intervals from before dawn to noon; the yin and yang private pharmacies blood, drug bar in audio description for the fire department should be taken in the evening; exorcism drugs in a positive atmosphere and parts department should take in the early morning …

What To Do To Limit The Nausea After Taking The Medicine?

People who drink a decoction medicine for the first time often have nausea, vomiting can even instantly, especially when taking the heat detoxification medicine is bitter. Further, while nerves are strained to close his eyes, nose trying to gulp the water bowl every drug, the results are both tired vomiting entire effort has drug charges. To mitigate this situation, first must be very calm, relax nerve, not impatient, note down the temperature of the drug and drink before or after a meal before taking a small sip, suck in your mouth for a moment to create a sense of adaptation, then slowly swallow throat. When taking off, use a little warm dessert. In addition, more air into drugs a little bowl of fresh ginger juice can also be effective against nausea and vomiting in a certain degree.

How Should We Abstain From The Behavior Of Eating When Taking Herbs?

Abstinence dietary herbal medication is a very necessary thing. Because, according to the concepts of traditional medicine, food as well as medicine, so if you eat right, you can not affect the validity of the prescription and the patient’s health. However, due to limited knowledge, many doctors start patients abstain too many things, including the much-needed food for the body or artificially kept up the habit when taking medicine is to abstain from shrimp, crab, snails, chicken, spinach … rigidly.

In fact, the refrain of ingestion depends on two factors: one is the hydrophobic dish with herbs are used, for example, white spirit vinegar cavalry, cavalry armor chicken …; second is the food against the effects of drugs, taking medication welding certificate must abstain from food and cool … So, in this regard, to comply with the instructions of the physician’s specialty very important.

In conclusion, herbal medicine brings substantial benefits to our life such as increasing resistance, treating a number of disorders… However, you must make sure that you have already understood well the herbal medicine you intend to take and remember the noticeable features of the herbs.

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