Improve Your Health With Various Activities

Truly saying, doing exercises is one of the most popular and effective ways for anyone to improve their is recommended for everyone to paly different activities to improve their health. I used to be a very thin and weak girl. At that time, my weight was only 40 kg and my height is only 1. 50 m. In comparison with other friends, I was too thin, short and small that made me be so pessimistic with my appearance and near future.

It is because most of vacancy requires applicant to have good looking. Therefore, it seemed to me that I have no chance to apply for any job. A friend advised me to start doing gymnastic to develop essential parts of my body like muscle, chest and hip. After I started to do gymnastic regularly, I can see a significant result. I was no longer gain weight and feeling much better. Now, I already gained 5 more kg and owned a appropriate body shape.

Many people, especially youngsters do not understand the importance of doing exercises. They are too lazy to get rid of their computer and go out to enjoy outside environment. One of the reason might be that they have not got the benefits activities bring to them. Therefore, today, I would like to give readers, especially young leader the benefits of doing exercises.

Keep Your Fitness

Fitness is very important to any person. A good body shape will be more attractive than a too small or too big one. The activities you do are able to lead you to the perfection of fitness. If you look a bit chubby, the exercises will help you to burn your extra calories. However, if you are a bit small, after the calories are burn, you have more desire to eat. As a result, you need to apply exercises practicing along with eating regulation to both give you enough energies and bring your body to balance.

Prevent Disease

Not many people believe that doing activities can help them to avoid disease. Actually, doing activities is not directly affecting the disease. However, do you remember that, sports can be are good way to improve people’s health. When you do sports regularly, your physical strength can be improved significantly. The strength of your body reflect how strong your humidity system is.

When you humidity system is strong, it can be better at prevent you from suffering diseases. In general, doing exercises is an indirect way to help you improve your health. I am a classical example of sport players. As I said above, I used to be weak; as a result, it is easy for me to get sick. After I had habit of playing sports and doing gymnastic regularly, not only my body strong, my humidity system is also getting better. Now, I do not have to suffer a lot of normal diseases like flu and cough.

I hope that you will find it good and practice more.


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