Nutrition And Its Role In The Human Body

Dietary plays a very important role in human life; nutrients are determinants to health and longevity. The dietary is nutritionally adequate meals that meet all nutritional ingredients in both quantity and quality.

Having the knowledge about nutrition and the role of nutrition to the development of human, you will have suitable diets and have energy to work and live. Now foods whey protein isolate will give a large amount of protein and vitamin in human body.


A 118g average daily protein needs. Quality protein plays an important role in the physiological activity of the body as digesting food, oxygen transport, cardiac performance, brain activity … Protein found in food from animal sources, such as meat, fish, milk, eggs … and from plant sources like beans, especially soybeans, peanuts, sesame …

For children, pregnant women and nursing mothers should more protein. Protein is absorbed into the body in the form of amino acids; the main components of the antibodies help the body fight infections, which are raw materials for construction and regeneration organizations in the body. In addition, protein is also a component of the enzyme and endocrine (hormone) is important in the metabolism of the body.

Glucide (Powder)

Besides protein, glucide is a part in the process of human body. There is an important role in metabolism and energy supply of the body.

Food sources are rich in glucide, especially cereals and legumes. The source of glucide usually comes in a quantity corresponding to the B vitamins that have so sweet sugars, white milled rice and it is too easy to lack of vitamin B1.

Lipids (Fats)

Fat helps the body absorb vitamins; especially the fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E, and K and plays an important role in blood clotting process naturally.

Lipids are also sources of energy for the body. Just 15-25g lipid / day can meet the body’s needs. Power supply to the body fat is animal fat and vegetable oil.

If the animal fats (except fish) cholesterol is often stagnant sclerosis causes the blood vessels in the vegetable oil has more polyunsaturated fatty acids, potentially against the development of atherosclerotic disease.

Cellulose (Fiber)

Although the body cannot absorb fiber, but those who eat more fiber are less obese, less prone to heart disease, prevention of constipation. The fiber helps to quickly put waste out of the digestive tract.

However, we also should not eat too much fiber as may be hindering the absorption of essential nutrients.


Vitamins are organic substances needed in small quantities, and although they are very important and required in the food.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A helps protect the eye and dry eye disease. Lack of vitamin A dry skin, increased thickening of the hair follicles. Vitamin A also has clear role for immune and cellular immunity.

Vitamin D3: Makes glucide metabolism into energy, contribute to the development of bones, helps the body to develop normally, and no appetite when eating.

Fish oil is a source of vitamin D obtained the best, then the animal, eggs, butter…

Vitamin B group: In the B-vitamins are more significant. Without these substances will be slow the synthesis of cell involved in immune mechanisms.

Vitamin C: In the body, vitamin C involved in redox, which are essential for collagen synthesis is the intercellular substance in blood vessels, connective tissue, bones, teeth.

Vitamin E: Protects the body fat is not oxidized. As antioxidants (anti – oxidant) primarily against free radicals.

The minerals and trace minerals: If we eat more mineral deficiencies will produce anemia (iron deficiency), a goiter (iodine deficiency), dental enamel (lack of fluoride), rickets in children, osteoporosis in adults (calcium deficiency)…

Besides trace elements are involved in the metabolism. Therefore, trace elements are indispensable components in the diet.

It is difficult to provide the most complete nutrients to the body every day through regular meals, so doctors usually recommend that we use more nutritional food supplements. In addition, we have the solution you choose nutritional integrity, register if you are interested consultants.

To develop a body normally, you need supply efficiently nutrient and then you will have much energy to operate. Moreover, make sure you always supply efficient nutrient in daily meals.

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