Some Types Of Oil Diffuser

Essential oil is an active substance which is very good for health of user if you know how to use properly. Essential oil has some characteristics such as fast evaporation, easy to diffuse into the air at high temperature and most of essential oil can be used to improve physical and morale of user after the tired working hours. You can use essential oil through two types that are though skin and diffuser therein diffuser can be considered the best way to use essential oil with highest effect. Besides quality of essential oil, choosing an oil diffuser with high quality is very important. Oil diffuser will help essential oil diffuser faster, more effectively as well as to help your space filled into scent of essential oil and it is also simple way to clean the air, remove harmful insects. According to best oil diffuser reviews of, there are many types of oil diffuser on the market and each type will have own pros and cons therefore you should choose an oil diffuser depending on purpose, demand and price of it. Below are some basic types of oil diffuser.  

Oil Candle Diffuser

Oil candle diffuser can be considered as the most basic type of this product. This type is designed very simply including two main parts: a tray to contain water and essential oil and a wide space to put candle. This type will use high temperature to diffuse essential oil into the air. Most of oil candle diffusers are designed with materials such as ceramic or glass to not be ignited from candle. Pros of this type are diversity model, design with many bright colors, simple and small structure and easy to use. In addition, it does not operate based on electricity therefore it can still use when outage. Oil candle diffuser can also be used as sleeping lamp or an ornament to decorate for the room. However, it also has certain cons such as safeness of it is not high. When using oil candle diffuser, you should not close the door because when candle burning, CO2 will be created. In addition, time to heat candle is not too fast therefore if you want to diffuse essential oil then you will lose a period of time. You should use hot water combining with essential oil to gain the highest effect.

Oil Lamp Diffuser

Oil lamp diffuser has similar design as oil candle diffuser therefore it can be considered as the upgrade of oil candle diffuser. The only difference is an electric lamp instead of candle such as oil candle diffuser. It also diffuses essential oil by high temperature of electric lamp. It can be made by some materials such as paper, glass, wood or ceramic therefore design and model is very diversity. It has many pros such as safer than oil candle diffuser, diffuser level is larger however price of it is also higher than oil candle diffuser.

Electric Oil Diffuser

Electric oil diffuser is one of the most modern types of this product. Not like oil candle diffuser, this type diffuse essential oil based on operation of motor or ultrasonic wave. With this operation principle, quality and effect of essential oil will be kept entirely therefore it can be the best way to diffuse scent of essential oil into the air. Normally, electric oil diffuser will be designed with two parts including a tray or plate to contain essential oil and water; a motor with feature to mix and diffuse combination including water and essential oil into the air. Diffuser level of this type is larger than other types therefore it will be suitable choice for the wide spaces such as garden or living room. This type will operate effectively in acreage about 40 to 50 square meters and effective time is about 4 to 5 hours however it also depends on amount of essential oil and water as well as power of oil diffuser but price of it is higher than other types.

Normally, you should choose power of electric oil diffuser based on acreage of your room. Basically, each type will have own pros and cons therefore you should consider carefully to choose a suitable oil diffuser with your demand.



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