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Massage seems to be an effective therapist to someone who has some problems with their back, neck and other parts of the body. With a full day working at the office, people appear to lack of time to take part in some activities which can help them to exercising their body to avoid some diseases related to bone system. They may also suffer from the tiredness and stress after a hard- working day. Without an in-time therapist, these negative factors can have a bad impact on their life and pose a threat to the physical and mental health. In this paper, we would like to introduce you the Infographic – Massage Chair vs Traditional Massage, which can be sure to support you in the process of taking of your health.

How To Purchase A Good Massage Chair


To ensure the quality of the massage chair, you should choose a good brand. You have to check where these massage chairs come from and where they are made. Most of the users currently have much preference in purchasing the product of Panasonic Company because of the high quality and the reasonable price.


Of course, price is the factor that a majority of people concern most and often put on the priority. Before deciding to buy a massage chair, you should determine how much you can spend for a massage chair. The price of a massage chair often ranges from $500 to $3000, so that you can have a lot of choices. However, you should remember that the cheap price not always ensures the high advance products and you may suffer some potential risks. In addition, after a short time being used, it may be broken or damage. The products of high price may offer you more useful functions that you can both use it as a normal massage chair and take use of some entertaining functions such as MP3 Players…


Let check the design and technical features of the massage chair before deciding to buy a product. It needs to have the design which can match with your requirement and easy to replace the parts in case some problems occur.  To save the time on searching, you should some general reviews of some types of products on the internet first so that you can determine which one is suitable for you. Besides, you can ask for information in some websites or forums where there are thousands of users are willing to share with you the useful experiences.

Traditional Massage

Before the invention of the massage chair, the traditional massage method is known as one of the most useful way to help people get rid of the stressful and tired status. It is often performed by the professional therapists. However, this method can cost you a lot of time and money. Besides, in a busy life, it seems to be a task of challenge to make an appointment with the therapist daily. Therefore, the born of massage chair is one of the useful way to shorten the time for taking care of the health.  The traditional massage often take place in a quiet space with the light from candle and the fumes of flowers, creating the restful feeling for the users. They can clear out all the worry and concerns of the busy life outside to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The oil and lotion will be utilized to enhance the body massage experience. Firstly, these materials will be heated and then poured into a bowl to cool before being used. The massager will pour it into the hands and gradually apply it to the body. They users will enjoy the soft massage to every part of the body. The light music around will help their mind to relax, and they can also enjoy the tasty drinks while being massaged.

No matter what types of massage do you experience, the biggest benefit you can gain is the comfort and pleasure of your mental and physical health, which can improve the quality of your life and help you to prolong the life span. With a good care for your health, you can do everything with the highest efficiency.

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