Things You Need To Know About About The Reverse Osmosis System?

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What Is The Reverse Osmosis Technology?

So far, reverse osmosis is still considered the most advanced technology in water purification industry, only new country “squeeze” through. Therefore, it also called hyper filtration.

It is thought that the technology of reverse osmosis water filtration technology using ultrafiltration membranes, slot 0.0001micron filter (filter size ions, atoms) to produce ultra-pure water applications in the following areas:

  • Production of purified bottled water.
  • Reuse (filtered) urine of astronaut into drinking water on the space station.
  • Filter seawater into fresh water.
  • Filter reverse osmosis technology is invented in the United States, was identified as the most advanced water purification technology in the world today.

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What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Simply speaking, it is a process of reverse osmosis. Osmosis is a natural phenomenon. Water is always moving from place salinity / low mineralization where higher concentrations. The process takes place until the concentration of mineral salts from the second place tie.

To do the opposite (reverse osmosis), people use a pressure sufficient to push upstream from where the salt content / high mineral “permeability” through a special membrane to arrive with no or low salt / more minerals.

RO layer

Is a thin layer made from cellulose acetate material, polyamide or TFC membrane with tiny holes to 0.001 microns? All layers are subject to high pressure but its resistant pH and chlorine are not the same.

The Filtering Layer Based On The Reverse Osmosis Technology


With speed and tremendous pressure, this filtering layer is constantly flowing water on the surface of the RO membrane. A portion of the water molecule will be “squeezed” through the filter holes. The impurities were swept away and “waste” left out. With this method, the surface of the RO membranes is constantly being cleaned and has a lifespan up to 2-5 years. Reverse osmosis is the reverse osmosis process naturally. This process is used to desalinate aqueous solutions. Using a high-performance filter accordingly, reverse osmosis system can remove 99% of salts

According to the level of the filter membrane technology is reverse osmosis separation technology has the highest step. Countries will be taken to a chamber sealed by a semi-permeable membrane. To overcome the difference of osmotic pressure, an artificial pressure is created in this private sad. Only semi-permeable membrane so that water passes through a part of the raw water will pass through and become demineralized water, the rest have a higher ion concentration is initially concentrated waste water flow. In this filter prominent level version share membrane ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis systems (RO).

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Reverse Osmosis System


  • Easy control & safety systems with integrated processor and conductivity measurements show clearly the operating status.
  • Operate with high efficiency obtained with water to 80% efficiency and over 99% demineralized
  • Saving energy consumption through the use of special filters “low energy” system and re-use of energy from waste concentrate stream
  • Long service life thanks membrane washing process optimization
  • Formed stainless steel system easy to maintain friendly
  • Expenses for the low installation, small capacity injection pump can be used.
  • Depending on customer needs that Prominent can provide full system processes to pre & post-processing to easily connect with other clusters of the plant equipment.


Typical applications are in the field of chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, electroplating, metal processing lines, water treatment or water boiler for the power plant. Desalination is divided into 3 categories according to different salt content:

  • Water
  • Grey water (brackish)
  • Seawater

Experienced engineers in design and installation, operation will provide solutions to customers depending on the nature of input water. At the same time, the system of pre & post-processing of Prominent also be included. Thus, the system is offered package and can be provided in the container according to customer requirements.

Prominent has a lot of experience in systems with special requirements such as handling 2 levels to ensure the quality of the highest-demand. We are happy to serve your customers

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